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In Madden, NBA 2K, MLB the show or other simulated sports games, a typical exhibition game may take about 45-60 minutes to complete. Today, everyone has access to so many entertainment options, which may require too much.

Madden NFL 20's new superstar Ko model is the latest attempt by EA Sports - perhaps the most interesting attempt so far - to shorten the time of individual competitions while ensuring that players still feel that they have a satisfying sporting experience. The model will go live on Tuesday as part of a free update to Playstation 4, Windows PC and Xbox one. Anyone on these platforms can check out the game through this weekend's Madden 20 free trial. The full game can be tested from 12:01 p.m. to 11:59 p.m. on September 5, PDT. The PDT was conducted on September 9. (note that on the console, the trial requires a valid Playstation plus or Xbox LIVE gold subscription.)

If the name rings, it's probably because of Madden 20, and because one of the major new features of the game this year is the introduction of the "superstar X factor" feature. These enhancements to dozens of NFL's best players are designed to make them stand out in virtual games - to give you a sense that you're playing with the talented Aaron Donald, and that the fearsome Los Angeles ram passing sprinter is more than just any old defensive target. (in our review, we found that the superstar X-factor trait didn't really make sense.)

Superstar Ko will focus on these top players and quickly play Madden in face-to-face online multiplayer mode. Members of the EA Tiburon development team believe the goal is to provide an interesting football experience that you can get MUT Coins and out in five to eight minutes. With less time spent, the problem of success or failure is less important.

"Losing in this mode shouldn't be lost in the rest of Madden," Jake Stein, producer of live content for the series, told polygon in a preview last week Stein compares the concentrated experience of superstar Ko with the full game in franchise, ultimate team or online mode, which may be frustrating if you spend an hour playing the last minute of touchdown.

You can play superstar Ko in singles, or you can invite some online friends to play two to two or three to three games - matching in this mode will keep you against teams of the same size all the time. (can't compete in local multiplayer games or with CPUs.)

First, you choose one of the eight prefabrication teams. All the scripts are streamlined, and each club has its own differences, depending on the coach and his strengths and weaknesses. For example, dot City, coached by Brown catcher Odell Beckham Jr., can throw the orb well and defend the pass, but only accounts for one fifth of the offense and defense. Its script focuses on the script outside the shotgun formation.

Superstar Ko allows EA to relax some of the constraints of simulation football games. Two of the coaches are musicians DJ Khaled and lil Yachty, who are also quarterbacks in the model. The other is Jennifer welter, who became the first female coach in NFL history in 2015 and was a pre-season intern for the Arizona Cardinals.

The team's lineup is made up entirely of active NFL players, but the selection abbreviation of superstar Ko distorts the staff: you choose three rounds from 60 players with Superstar x element ability. The group includes 50 current performers, such as saquon Barkley and Joey Bosa, as well as the two musicians known as "icons.". The remaining eight are NFL Hall of fame members such as Jerry rice, Lawrence Taylor and Jim Brown. (they are rare in the talent pool.)

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