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Quotes of philosophers, quotes of thinkers

Quotes for those in love

Quotes of philosophers and history personalities have always been one of the most popular and most interesting. To find quotes about love see section Quotes on Life, Quotes on Love and Quotes on Disappointment.

Express your feelings. Quotes for those in love have become the most popular. It can be both happy or sad, because love is not always happy. If you want to express your counterpart what you really feel, quotes are a propper way.

Famous personalities

Quotes for those in love were expressed in the past by a famous personalities, but also by ordinary people. It is important that quote includes the emotions. You might think, how so heartfelt and thoughtful quotes coul someone invent, but the fact is that they often did not invent it, but simply said what they thought. Since then, the phrase has become popular and is sent on and on. In this way, love quotes were expanded and now a lot of people can not do without them. There are some people who present their feelings through quotations daily.

Favorite quotes

Love quotes can tell what we are unable to express. They are truthful and people often say: "That exactly describes me."


"Love is like a teardrop. It begins in the eye and ends in the heart."

"My wife loves me so much that she sometimes understands me."

"The tragedy is to fall in love with the face and marry the whole girl."


Quotes about love, however, are applicable not only to the current expression of human feelings, but we can also write them to the card for a loved one.


If you have any favorite quotes, share them with others.


Quotes are wisdom, passed on for centuries.

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QUOTES to inspire your mind


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John Lennon and quotes

Among the authors of quotes that brings us the lessons we can find not only the famous philosophers and thinkers. For example, even the famous "Beetle" John Lennon is the author of very interesting quotes: "Turn your face to the sun and all the shadows fall behind you."


If you have something to say to the others, do not keep your thoughts to yourself. Present yourself and become an inspiration.


One day maybe it will be your quote that appears on some of the site that deals with quotes. Quotes about life can be written by anyone, because everyone lives his/her own life, which is unique and always interesting.

Double faced

Sometimes however, the time has come and you blame your life. At these times it is better not to swear to life, but to express your feeling by using quotes. It takes some time and anger will disappear and will love your life again. Try to improve your mood using funny quotes, but there are also those which express both a joke and double face.


Some of them can be understood in two ways that depends on perspective you look at them. Quotes about life today can be found on the Internet, but also in books that are devoted to quotations.

Quotes can express feelings

Express your feelings through quotes. Quotes have many categories you can choose from. The most popular categories on people to love people site are: quotes on love, quotes on happiness, sad quotes, quotes on marriage, etc.


Using the quotes you can identify what you really feel, because sometimes it captures the situation much better than anything else. Quotes are the perfect way to express your feeling and everyone is looking for for them no matter on the age. The older generation is searching in the following categories: quotes on life, the younger in quotes on love, but of course it may be on the contrary. Quotes on love are very popular and are still current. Young people in love are looking for advice and expression to their moods and feelings. At the peoplelovepeople.com, however, you may find more than only love quotes.

Life is full of surprises

Life is full of surprises, but also full of various moments that you can capture in citations. Currently, there is a number of quotations, whether from celebrities, or just folk sayings that are often the truest.


Among the most popular authors of the quotes on peoplelovepeople includes John Lennon, but also Erich Form or George Sand.


You can find the contributions about men and women, there is also category on famous people. Great popularity, however, gained quotes about friendship, because friendship between two people is very rare these days. Not every friend is the right one, and therefore there are quotes about betrayed friendship. If you are looking for interesting statements, then search the website People Love People. You'll find the quotes that captures you and most importantly engage you.


Below you can find quotes sections where our readers like to browse on PeopleLovePeople.

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