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CRITICJUNKY (own creation) | Final Fantasy XIV disputes NT do what they s...

CRITICJUNKY (own creation)
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Final Fantasy XIV disputes NT do what they should do

For domestic players, Final Fantasy XIV Dispute NT (hereinafter referred to as NT) is another tangled game. On the one hand, because Sony finally failed to fulfill the unilateral agreement of "decades of war again", when the PSP finally exited the host market, many of its games gradually became to-do items on the wish list.

As the two major battle games in the PSP period - up to VS series and Final Fantasy XIV dispute series, has also been a good popularity among Chinese players, plus FF fans' loyalty to the brand, as long as there is a chance to meet again, players will often Without any hesitation, "the porcelain."

On the other hand, because of the particularity of the Japanese game market, the above two games have a life and a diversion, all of which focus on the development of the business, so domestic players want to continue the front, then only waiting for the transplant This one option. Then there was such a somewhat ridiculous situation: GVG players are looking forward to the transplant of the arcade, but the PS4 version is up to VS, this nondescriptive forced generation is replaced, and those who stay in the PSP era Final Fantasy XIV disputes Players who have fond memories, but have to face the PS4 version of the NT system, and have been operating on the arcade for more than two years of faithful porting.

In fact, Final Fantasy XIV disputed NT to do what he was supposed to do, bid farewell to the original memories but did not let himself become better by transplanting the console.

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